Quick September update

I am struggling to write again at the moment, so this entry will be a quick update to the last one. A place has been found for me and funding has been approved so I will be moving there on the 8th October. It is in a town called Biggleswade. I am very sad to be leaving Bedford because everything and everyone I know is here, but I have no choice.

The manager of the new home managed to convince his manager to let me have Gandalf (the hamster) in my room. Sadly, a few weeks later he suffered a stroke in his sleep and could hardly move so we had to take him to the vets to help him over the rainbow bridge. It turned out he was 3 years and 2 months old though which surprised me because I thought he was 2! He will be missed. Also if anyone is wondering, the goldfish (Mr Fry) has just celebrated his 17th birthday… Weird fish…

So packing and general chaos has been my recent reality. My current room is full of boxes and my head is full of stress. I have started having migraines in clusters which I have never had before. Just a little bit worrying as I usually only get one every several months if that. I have also developed a swollen gum and I am scared my tooth will fall out! Drama llama…

So yeah, I will try and keep updates coming, but it is hard as writing is not coming easily to me at the moment due to the stress.


A photo I took of Gandalf before he became unwell. He will be missed. 

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