It has been far too long!

I just realised I haven’t posted… since 2016… My bad…

A lot has happened between me moaning about the weather and now. Firstly my lovely (now-ex) council decided to drop my support hours from 10 a day to 2 a day! I do not like change one bit, so needless to say this hit me hard and I suffered a mental breakdown and became very withdrawn. I found out my hours were being dropped after we got back from the vets with my rabbit Lorenne who had suddenly become very unwell with no obvious cause. The 2 hour shifts would start from the next day. I was severely agoraphobic and couldn’t leave the house alone. I was trapped.

I can’t remember the exact sequence of events after that, it’s like my brain has mentally blocked it all out (which is probably the actual case). After several more vet visits, a change of vet as the first one couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Lorenne and my poor Mum coming up from Bletchley almost weekly to help me transport the rabbits, I was told that Lorenne’s liver and kidney function were bad and that she probably wouldn’t live much longer. At that point we all agreed her quality of life was still good enough with medication and lots of hugs so we kept fighting.

Thankfully my care was transferred to the council who’s area I live in now and I was given 5 hours a day of support. Just in time too as in November, the nightmare neighbour from hell moved in. We are talking Channel 5 programme worthy! 24/7 noise, drug dealing in the corridor, rubbish being thrown in my garden, ‘guests’ coming around constantly and spitting in my garden… Police, housing association, complaints, council, noise monitor then SMACK. It hit me like a mallet. I had to get out of the flat or I was going to harm myself seriously!

I was escorted to the hospital by two lovely police officers after having a catatonic mental breakdown in the housing association’s main office. They were furious on my behalf when my Mum told them everything I had been through! I spent three days in the hospital, at which point I was told I was free to go, but I had nowhere to go. It was eventually arranged for me to go and stay in a room in the house I used to live in temporarily. My landlord (bless him) even offered the tenancy at a shocking £2 a month! I was constantly reassured that SOMETHING was being done about the nightmare neighbour and his ‘friends’. To be honest I didn’t hold out much hope.

One good thing came out of being stuck in the shared house. I started to go out by myself again. It wasn’t an easy process and it was hit and miss to start with, but I was determined not to sit around doing nothing all day, plus the internet was super patchy… One day, while visiting the flat to feed the pets, me and my support worker saw the neighbour packing his bags. THANK GOODNESS!!! Sadly I was going home minus a pet. Lorenne had taken a turn for the worse and lost mobility in her back legs. I knew it was time. My heart broke but we had to put her to sleep. She wasn’t going to recover, I knew that.

So yeah, I am back in my flat now with Barney, Mr Fry and Gandalf. I have been totally neighbour free for ages as they completely trashed the flat and it had to be ripped out and redone! I did panic when a new neighbour moved in but so far so good with him, plus he seems really nice. I will try to update more often now as I am finally in a better place mentally. Physically?

Well that’s a post for another day!

Lorenne selfie
In loving memory of Lorenne ‘Dolly Parton’ Clapham 

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