A genuine reason to moan about ‘Great British weather’

It is often joked about that people in Britain are obsessed with the weather. Our unpredictable climate can bring rain, snow and a heatwave within a matter of weeks. People will moan more, however when the weather is ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ which drives some people to believe that others are ‘never happy’. For me though, extreme weather is not just annoying or uncomfortable, but physically destroying and due to my EDS-3 both extremes affect me in different ways.

In the cold winter months, which seem so far away as I sit in my living room wearing only shorts and a t-shirt with a fan blowing on me, I suffer from extreme pain in my joints. Not just a little ache or pain, but really severe pain that means I cannot walk or perform basic tasks. During winter I often become stiff, with each joint struggling to stay located. My faulty autonomic system makes it impossible to stay warm, even with several layers of clothes on.

Swinging to the other extreme, a hot summer’s day like today which has been classed as a ‘heatwave’, my joints feel better than ever, but my autonomic system struggles to keep my temperature down, I sweat too much or not enough and I am more likely than most to faint or collapse. I literally have to drink constantly to stay conscious. Even in the summer I cannot bare my arms and legs as the slightest rub against anything causes a cut, which will lead to a scar. In the event I HAVE to go out, like this morning when my rabbits needed hay from the shop, I will sometimes resort to using my umbrella as a parasol! Yes, I get funny looks, but I would rather that than have heatstroke (again).

So for me, moaning about the weather is a little more serious. This doesn’t mean I never moan for no reason. I will moan if we get non-stop rain for several days…


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