Is it contagious?

I was on Facebook earlier looking at a link to The Mighty. It was a story about rare illnesses/diseases and stupid things people have said to those of us with it. One of them was ‘is it contagious?’ Although the post was serious, it reminded me of a hilarious moment (one of very few I should point out) involving a bully at high school…

We were in year 9 doing PE. By this point my complete inability to walk in a straight line let alone do anything sporty had rendered me the class ‘loser’. Our task was to create and perform a dance routine to Daft Punk’s song ‘Around the World’. If you haven’t heard it… I wouldn’t advise it!

The groups were chosen by the teacher, which was always slightly less embarrassing than having the ‘team captains’ choose although the very audible groans of protest would happen either way regardless of whether the teacher put me in a team or I was the last one left. I ended up in a group with one of my regular bullies and she was not happy about it.

Our routine was decided but I kept falling off the bench I had been placed on (by force I might add). The bully girl ‘M’ got annoyed with me and pushed me over, pinning my legs to the ground. At this point she noticed my angry, red peeling lump of psoriasis on my right leg. I’ve had psoriasis as long as I can remember. In our family it is genetic. I don’t have it too badly though except for the leg patch and a smaller, less itchy one on my right elbow. Still holding my legs, bully girl asked

‘Eww, what’s that? Is it contagious?’

If it had been anyone else, I would have smiled and gently reassured them that psoriasis was genetic and not contagious, but this time I smirked as I told her,


I have never seen a bully run away from me so fast in my entire life!!!



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