Social media phobia

So today I decided it would be good to check out Second Life for a second time. Interesting fact… My social phobia is not limited to real life! I am generally finding communication difficult right now for various reasons (hormones and an upcoming endoscopy under general anaesthetic aren’t helping!) so I thought maybe, just maybe I would feel more comfortable in Second life… WRONG! I couldn’t click quit fast enough!

I am also scared of the ‘chat’ feature in Facebook. I know it sounds so silly and it is so silly but my brain can’t rationalise that right now. Every time a message pops up, my heart skips a beat, I start to shake and I feel nauseous! Even when a normal post is progressing at a particularly fast rate, I feel so anxious.

I’m going to log off my computer now…

Disk boot failure. Sums up my brain right now!

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