Relaxation anxiety style

Last night was hard for me. New years eve always means noise, fireworks and routine change. Inevitably I suffered several panic attacks. One of my mental health specialists advised me to try relaxation techniques. This is how it went:

Okay, pretend you are relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach with waves crashing gently against the shore…

But I don’t like being outside my flat… I’m feeling more anxious…

Okay then… you are in your flat, but it is by the sea…

What about all my things?

They are with you… you are by the sea. You look out of the window and take in the beautiful view… listen to the waves, the seagull calls…

Wait… where are the rabbits?

They… they are fine… just focus will you? Sea, waves, seagulls and relax!


I come fully back to the room and find my hamster Gandalf has decided to try and lull me to sleep with his wheel…

So long story short, I don’t think this relaxation technique worked! Thanks brain!Gandalf lullaby

(Feel free to laugh while reading this, I did!)


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