The trouble with Trainers

Most women enjoy shopping for a nice new pair of shoes. I don’t. In fact the mere thought of having to change my shoes or trainers puts fear in me. My autism makes me extremely sensitive to touch so finding a pair of shoes that I can wear on a day to day basis is very difficult. When I was 10 years old, I got a pair of trainers with a flashing light up the sides. When I was 23 I threw them out after wearing them the whole time! (I stopped growing when I was 11!)

After a phase in which I wore nothing but open sandals, I eventually found ‘the ones’. A pair of cheap but comfortable black trainers. They fit perfectly around my feet and kept me comfortable as I bounced along. I had them for two years when my pet rabbit, Lorenne decided to eat the laces. That was the beginning of the end for those trainers. The laces got replaced with a poor alternative, then the soles started to wear out. Finally, the inner soles started to slip. It was time to get new trainers.

I tried on trainers in several shops, but none felt right. Too much pinch at the side, too big at the front, a sticky-out bit digging into part of my ankle… Eventually I would find a pair that were ‘okay’. I would bring them home, wear them for a while then end up back in my original pair. I did this a number of times, eventually buying an identical pair to the originals in the hope that I could transfer the comfort. I was right! My new trainers; slightly different from the original design but only in colour, felt exactly like the old ones! Well until today… I don’t know how it happened, but part of the ankle started to stick out…

Long story short, I’m back in my old trainers… 100_7857


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