So I forgot to say…

I’ve just been looking through my old blog posts and it seems there are several important ‘plot holes’ which need filling!

Barney in front, Lorenne behind!

Firstly, I adopted a new rabbit called Barney several months after Ralph died. He was paired successfully with Lorenne and they are hoppy (um… happy…) together.

I passed my university course with… a pass!

I now LOVE Quadrophenia (the album and the film!)

Today’s update is that my landlord sent a GARDENER round to fix my radiator and he managed to destroy my boiler! A plumber has been to fix it but is rightfully baffled!

Finally, I never actually showed a photo of my little hamster Remy, who is quite elderly now, so here she is 🙂

Cheeky hamster!
Cheeky hamster!

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