You set my heart aflutter…

Nope, I haven’t randomly found love! The thing making my heart flutter isn’t love, but yet another part of my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome… well at least I think it is…

I’ve been fainting a lot recently. Some would put it down to stress, I would put it down to my breath holding tic. It basically causes me to inhale repeatedly until I can’t breath in any more which usually leads to a good ole episode of syncope. That’s posh doctor speak for fainting. During the breath hold attacks, I also convulse uncontrollably. Yes, it is as unpleasant as it sounds!

Today I purchased a heart monitor for when I exercise. I configured it sitting down, then stood up and WHOOSH, my heart rate went up from 78 to 118 and stayed there until I sat back down! Not good! I should probably go back to the doctor and demand I get tested for POTS (Post occipital tachycardia syndrome) but I keep chickening out! Why am I so stubborn!?


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