I haven’t written for a while. I am incredibly stressed. I have a TMA (tutor marked assessment) due in at the Open University, which I haven’t even started because every time I try and sit down to do it, I lose concentration or start hating myself and calling myself an idiot. The problem is the assessment is very vague about what it wants me to write. This is why I sometimes wish I was good at maths because 2+2 is always 4 and never 22 as I thought when I was 6. With my module, people work and society, it is much more open to interpretation, which is only making it harder for me to think about what to write. At this rate, I may end up writing ‘I am a fish’ 500 times then passing out (Red Dwarf anyone?).

I keep getting ill as well. I’ve had a cold, a week off then some kind of throat virus! The throat virus is finally coming to an end after nearly a whole week asleep. When I am not virus/bacteria ill, my IBS or HMS decides to flare up. ITS A CONSPIRACY! I’ve been downing vitamin drinks once a day to try and kill off whatever the heck this latest virus is and sucking strepsils to stop the pain. They work. The virus has stopped me going to work, seeing my physiotherapist for the first time and playing with my hamster.

Oh yeah, the hamster is ill too. I took her to the vet who diagnosed dermatitis, but whatever it is, it’s spreading, so that will be another undercover mission on the bus with a hamster hidden in a pet box in a bag (to avoid screams of ‘RAT’ then chaos), £30 just to see the vet and however much the mite treatment I presume she will need is going to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little Remy and I will do anything for her but £30 is a lot of money for such a little creature! I should have got a cat!

My other pets are causing havoc too. For some reason Barney and Lorenne have decided that the confines of their very large run are no longer adequate. As a result, they have both taken to chewing every bit of the cage floor that they can. This worked when they were in the main hutch as it wasn’t surrounded by a fox-proof run, but they are still trying to escape through the bottom of the cage IN the run! My poor neighbours keep knocking on my door to let me know that they have herded the little buggers back into their run AGAIN. I’m glad I’ve got kind neighbours, but the garden will be bunny proofed VERY soon.

So yeah, plenty of stress at the moment and I can’t even chat to my Mum tonight because she is in Gloucester. On a positive note, Bedford Bus station opened today and it isn’t a complete s**t pit… Yaay!



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