You know you’re autistic when…

I’ve been listening to a lot of the early songs by The Who and really loving it. I like the older songs like ‘my generation’, ‘I can see for miles’, ‘Magic bus’ and the entire Tommy album. The magic doesn’t end there though. Firstly it moves on to ‘Who’s next’. I have managed to accept Baba O’Reily, Who are you and Won’t be fooled again into my life. I have even managed to get two of the Quadrophenia songs; ‘5:15’ and ‘Love reigns o’er me’ in. I tried listening to the whole album tonight and ended up having a meltdown!

I want to love the music, in fact the same beautiful feelings that washed over me when I first listened to Tommy are still there, but for some reason, trying to listen to Quadrophenia tipped me over the edge. Okay, technically the album is ‘old’ but to me its new. New equals change.

This has been a problem for many years. As a kid I was a HUGE Boyzone fan. I loved the first album, then the second, but the third one freaked me out for many years!

So I’m relaxing tonight (if you can call it that), by putting Chess on. I know all the lyrics and lines from the stage version of the musical and as a result it calms me. My back has tensed up, I am grinding my teeth until they hurt and I keep ticcing.

Generally been a bad day I suppose…


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