It’s your turn now!

As you may remember, last year I took part in Autisms got Talent; a show organised by a wonderful lady called Anna Kennedy. It gave me the chance to feel fantastic for one night, to forget that I was disabled and just have a great time. I will always be thankful to Anna for giving me the opportunity to perform that night!

But now *drum roll* (well I wish there were drums. I want drums)

Anna is getting her turn in the spotlight! If you don’t watch Strictly Come dancing, I’ll be honest, generally speaking I’d rather watch paint dry (possibly due to jealousy as I can’t dance lol), then you may not have heard about ‘The People’s Strictly’. Basically 6 big fans of Strictly Come Dancing were given a big surprise and told that they would be dancing for the People’s Strictly in aid of Comic Relief. I was ecstatic when I heard that Anna had been chosen as one of the six out of literally hundreds of applicants!

Now I am going to do something amazing…


When Anna found out she had been chosen, she must have felt as amazing as I did when I found out I was going to go on stage!

I am absolutely thrilled that Anna is being given the opportunity like I was. She will be dancing with Robin.

SO VOTE TEAM ROBANNA!!! (and watch it)



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