Impulses and duct tape

100_7244I am currently sat with a pair of wireless headphones on. The trouble is, I am listening to Tommy and keep shaking my head around! I grabbed my duct tape and strapped them on. Caught some hair in the process (ouch…) but now they sit like a dream…

So I am feeling a lot better than last week, mostly thanks to painkillers prescribed by my GP. Unfortunately they have had the side effect of making me completely hyper and impulsive… oh wait no, that’s not a side-effect, I am just back to normal again! So I was walking down Bedford high street and I spotted a pink bass guitar in the window. Straight away brain shouts ‘I NEED THAT’ even though I have never played a bass guitar in my life (although I bet I could learn it fast…). I yelled ‘SHUT UP’ to my brain out loud, alarming several elderly people nearby… No pink bass guitar for me.

Then I ripped my trousers. My super tight, favourite pair. Unfortunately with my small amount of weight gain recently, the jeans have been pushed to their limit and finally died with a loud RRRRRIP! That left me with only two pairs of blue jeans. I literally live in jeans, so I can’t have less than 10 pairs at a time, just in case I can’t be bothered to wash them or something! Duct tape wouldn’t hack it this time (the one thing it can’t repair) so I went to a charity shop in town. I tried three pairs on. Two fit nicely, but the ones I REALLY wanted didn’t. Isn’t that typical? I decided to continue my second hand clothes buying in a shop where they sell everything for a quid. Unfortunately they also sell furniture, toys, DVDs, CDs and… KEYBOARDS!!! Everywhere I looked KEYBOARDS!!! ‘How much is this?’ I asked the cashier, holding a Yamaha PSR-175. ‘£45’ she replied. There were more upstairs too! I ran upstairs and nearly passed out from seeing pretty much every brand of Yamaha available in my teens sitting on a table. I took a fancy to the PSR-260 which was a step down from my PSR 280 which I sadly destroyed over a number of years and eventually had to send to silicone heaven after several bits fell off… I asked to try it before I left and thank goodness I did. The speakers were f***ed to be polite! (If that’s polite, you don’t want to hear me in a bad mood…)


I didn’t have enough… But I did… But it was my savings… I’m not supposed to touch my savings… Don’t do it… Oh crap I’ve just pressed enter on the chip and pin…

When I got home, I immediately plugged my new friend in and began to play. Although it doesn’t have touch sensitive keys like my old keyboard, the sound is identical. I played it for HOURS. Well truth is, I played it for 10 minutes then said loudly ‘Oh shit what have I done’, rang my bewildered Mum crying (hormones yeeesh) and asking ‘Why do I have to be so f*****g impulsive all the time!?’ Thankfully Mum reminded me that if I put £20 in this week and next week the savings will all be back (about £15 of the money was mine to spend). I didn’t go overdrawn or anything. Will I learn from this? Nope. Chances are that bass guitar will be in my flat by next month if it is still there…

But truth be told, after having a Casio that doesn’t work with my sustain pedal properly, having a Yamaha PSR-175 again is like a breath of fresh air. Now I just have to find someone willing to buy a Casio keyboard for £60…

Any takers?


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