Autism Definitely has talent!


On the 11th May 2014, I took part in the third year of Autism’s got Talent at the Mermaid theatre, London. A night showcasing autistic performers from around the UK (and even Italy!) and giving them a well deserved night in the spotlight. I’m the small one on the second row left dressed like Eponine from Les Miserables in case anyone is interested! 


The night was organised by Anna Kennedy, who created the charity Anna Kennedy Online: along with support from her team and Pinapple studio. There were some celebrities there including BGT’s Steve Hewlett (the puppeteer) and Dave and Carrie Grant. The real celebs of the night though were all the autistic performers. Ranging from singers, musicians and dancers to a nine year old boy called Joshua who is incredibly intelligent (not to mention super sweet!), the show went brilliantly despite a few technical hitches! 


I performed the song ‘On my Own’ from the musical Les Miserables. In case you hadn’t guessed, that’s why I am dressed as Eponine in the photo! Everyone said I did really well and I am glad because I was quite worried that I would muck up! I was backstage throughout act one, but I have good informants who tell me that all the other acts were great! (Thanks Mum!) In act two I got to sit in the audience and watch the performers. Steve Hewlett was so funny I thought I was going to wet myself especially when his ‘pal’ Arthur Lager nicked some poor woman’s bra! The nerves had dropped and all the performers did amazingly so a big applause to them! 


The night was brilliant, I really enjoyed it as it got me away from the pain and suffering of my life at the moment. More importantly it was a massive in your face to the college who told me I would fail at performing! Last of all we all got up and danced to ‘Happy’ (My fave song!) and the cake to celebrate 5 years of AKO arrived on stage. We were later informed that the cake disappeared, but Anna’s son Angelo enjoyed it! 


So thanks to everyone who made mine and everyone else’s dream come true




(Pictures courtesy of Karen ‘So Shoot Me’) 


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